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Jonathan Borofsky

artist , Sculptor

The American artist and sculptor Jonathan Borofsky is one of the most influential artist of his generation. His gallery and museum exhibits in the eighties revolutionized the experience of art. His sculptures are simple and full of emotions at the same time.


Jonathan Borofsky grew up in the large Jewish community of Boston. After studying art in the United States and France, he settled ib New York in 1966, turning to Conceptual Art.

In 1976, he visited Germany for the first time, and started to make his first open references to the Holocaust in Hitlers Dream.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1964. Postgrad., Ecole de fontainbleau, 1964. Master of Fine Arts, Yale University, 1966.


Instructor School Visual Arts, 1969-1977, California Institute Arts, 1977-1980.


  • Achievement Hammering Man, 21 meters tall, painted steel
Permanent installation, Messeturm building, Frankfurt, Germany of Jonathan Borofsky

    Designed Hammering Man (a series of monumental kinetic sculptures which have been installed in various cities around the world such as Frankfurt, Seattle, Seoul, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Basel, La Jolla (California), Gainesville (Florida), Dallas (Texas), Seattle (Washington), Lillestrøm)


  • sculpture

    • People Tower

    • Male/Famale

    • Walking to the Sky

    • Molecule Man