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José F. Aponte Hernàndez Edit Profile

territorial legislator

José F. Aponte Hernàndez, American territorial legislator.


Hernàndez, José F. Aponte was born on January 19, 1958 in San Juan.


Member Administration Right to Work, 1984—1985. Exec assistant Legislation Office Puerto Rico House of Representatives, 1985. Undersecretary Progressive New Party, 1993—1995, director finances, 1995—1996, temporary secretary, 1996—1997, secretary general in property, 1997—1999.

Representative, District 33 Puerto Rico Legislature, 2000—2004, at-large representative, since 2004, member Agriculture, Budget and Assignments, Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Economic Development and Planning, Education and Culture, Government, Health, Housing, Infrastructure and Transportation, Internal Affairs, Judiciary and Public Security, Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Treasurer and Finance Affairs, Women's Affairs, Work and Relations and Youth Affairs Committees.


M to Aida I Rodriguez Roig. Children: Jose Fernando, Adriana Milagros & Alan Frame.

Jose Fernando Hernàndez

Adriana Milagros & Alan Frame Hernàndez