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Jose Francisco Godoy


Jose Francisco Godoy, Mexican publicist. member Mexican Commn.


Godoy, Jose Francisco was born on August 9, 1851 in Tampico, Mexico.


Delegate of Mexico to Conf. Editor Godoy’s Diplomatic and Consular Review.


  • Author: The American L’Assommoir. Who Did It? (plays) Cupid’s Law Suits. Orphan of the State

  • also (in collaboration) Mercantile and Legal Hand Book of Mexico.

    The Prominent Men of Mexico. A Few Facts About Mexico, 1901. Biography of President Porfirio Diaz, 1906.

    La Ciudad de San Francisco. Tratado de Extradicion, 1896. Spanish versions of Fighting France, by Stephanne Lauzanne, Spanish Papers, by Washington Irving, Abraham Lincoln, by G.H. Putnam, and Water Babies, by Charles Kingsley.

    Also a descriptive work on the World’s Columbian Exposition, and, 1898, Biographical Encyclopaedia of Contemporaries. Translated into Spanish Gerard’s My Four Years in Germany, and Empey’s Over the Top. Editor Godoy’s Diplomatic and Consular Review.


Member Mexican Commn.


Married Adele Perrin, of Hermosillo, Mexico.

Adele Perrin