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also known as Jose Luis Pinto-Prades


Professor Jose Luis Pinto Prades, from University Pablo de Olavide in Seville,is a world-leading and well-published health economist, specialising in valuation of health and how worthwhile the investment of public funds is in health technologies.


Jose Luis Pinto Prades is Chair in Health Economics at the Yunus Centre for Social Bus‌iness & Health and Glasgow School for Business & Society, Glasgow Caledonian University. He has held positions at several Spanish universities, having been Reader in Economics at Murcia University, Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) and Pablo Olavide (Seville), where he became Professor in Economics. Jose Luis holds a PhD from the University of Murcia and an MSc in Health Economics from the University of York. He was the representative of the Spanish Government at the OECD on the Working Group about New and Emerging Technologies (2001-2003). His research has been funded by several public institutions like the Spanish Ministry of Health, Spanish Ministry of Education, Regional Agencies for the Evaluation of Health Technologies and the European Commission. Jose Luis is an Associate Editor of Health Economics. He co-authored (with Han Bleichrodt and Peter Wakker) the paper “Making descriptive use of prospect theory to improve the prescriptive use of expected utility, Management Science, 2001, 47:1498-1514” that won in 2003 the Decision Analysis Publication Award (best decision analysis article or book published in the second preceding calendar year). In 2007 and 2010 he also won the prize (with co-authors) of the Spanish Health Economics Association of the best paper published the previous year. He has published in leading journals such as Health Economics, Management Science, The Economic Journal and Journal of Health Economics. JL’s research is focused on preference elicitation methods for health and its relationship with decision theory and behavioural economics.

Now he works in Department of Economics like a professor of Health Economics and Applied Political Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Jose Luis in June joined the team Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health Expanding Steadily as the new Chair in Health Economics.


  • article

    • When normative and descriptive diverge: how to bridge the difference

    • Ordering anomalies in choice experiments

    • The predictive validity of prospect theory versus expected utility in health utility measurement

    • New evidence of preference reversals in health utility measurement

    • Trying to estimate a monetary value for the QALY

    • Willingness to pay for a reduction in mortality risk after a myocardial infarction: an application of the contingent valuation method to the case of eplerenone

    • Resolving Inconsistencies in Utility Measurement Under Risk: Tests of Generalizations of Expected Utility

    • El Valor Monetario de la Vida Estadística en España a través de las Preferencias Declaradas

    • Towards a better QALY model

    • The influence of the ratio bias phenomenon on the elicitation of health states utilities

    • Using a point system in the management of waiting lists: the case of cataracts

    • A consistency test of the time trade-off

    • A proposal to solve the comparability problem in cost-utility analysis

    • Measuring the social importance of concentration or dispersion of individual health benefits

    • Testing the descriptive performance of the rank-dependent utility in the domain of health profiles

    • Equity considerations in health care: the relevance of claims

    • The social value of health programmes: is age a relevant factor?

    • Incorporating societal concerns for fairness in numerical valuations of health programmes

    • Health state after treatment: a reason for discrimination?

    • Is the Person Trade-off a Valid Method for Allocating Health Care Resources?

  • Working papers

    • "A social perception of smoking cessation medication: A willingness-to-pay survey"

    • "Valuing qalys at the end of life"

    • "When normative and descriptive diverge: how to bridge the difference"

    • "The Lead Time Trade-Off: The Case Of Health States Better Than Death"

    • "Modelling Noise and Imprecision in Individual Decisions"

    • "Capabilities and opportunities in health"

    • "Sequencing Anomalies in Choice Experiments"

    • "Trying to estimate a monetary value for the QALY"

    • "Testing the Predictive Validity of the Time Trade-Off and the Standard Gamble"

    • "A new preference reversal in health utility measurement"

    • "The influence of the Ratio Bias phenomenon on the elicitation of Standard Gamble utilities"

    • "Resolving Inconsistencies in Utility Measurement under Risk: Tests of Generalizations of Expected Utility"

    • "A New Type of Preference Reversal"

    • "Willingness to pay for a reduction in the mortality risk after a myocardial infarction: an aplication of the contingent valuation method to the case of eplerenone"

    • "Mesuring the Health of Populations: The Veil of Ignorance Approach"


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