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Jose Luis Vazquez-Burguete Edit Profile

marketing educator

Jose Luis Vazquez-Burguete, Spanish marketing educator. Achievements include design of MP: software program on assessment & selection of new product projects.


Vazquez-Burguete, Jose Luis was born on August 18, 1970 in León, Spain. Son of José Luis Vázquez-Mariñas and María Pilar Burguete-Toral.


Bachelor with honors, Faculty Economics & Business University Valladolid, Spain, 1992. Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty Economics & Business University León, Spain, 1995. Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa (honorary), Faculty Environmental Protection University Oradea, Romania, 2008.


Researcher Spanish Ministry Education & Science, León, 1993—1995. Assistant professor University León, 1996—2000, professor, since 2000, professor marketing, since 2000, director economic management secretary, 2000—2004, president mgmt assessment commission, 2000—2008, director entrepreneurship secretary, 2004—2008, bancaja chair entrepreneurship, since 2007. Evaluation expert 5th science research programme European Commission, 2000—2002.

President International Association Public & Nonprofit Marketing, since 2002.


  • Achievements include design of MP: software program on assessment & selection of new product projects.


Member of Spanish Association Regional Science, European Science Association Applied Economics (Spain), Science Association Economics & Business Management, Marketing Asia Group, European Academy Management & Business Economics, Spanish Association Academic & Professional Marketing, American Marketing Association, European Marketing Academy, Spanish Association on Political & Administrative Science, Regional Science Association International, International Association Public & Non Profit Marketing (founder & president 2002).


Married María Purificación García-Miguélez, October 5, 1996. Children: José Luis Vázquez-García, José María Vázquez-García.

José Luis Vázquez-Mariñas

María Pilar Burguete-Toral

María Purificación García-Miguélez

José Luis Vázquez-García Vazquez-Burguete

José María Vázquez-García Vazquez-Burguete