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Government official , military , politician , President

Juan Velasco Alvarado was a Peruvian politician and military man to become the 56th President of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces of Peru.


Juan Velasco Alvarado was born on 16 June 1910 in Piura.


He attended the Liceo San Miguel, the Non-Commissioned Officers School at Chorrillos and the Escuela Militar, Pern’s West Point, where he graduated in 1934. He also attended the Escuela Superior de Guerra (1945-1946) and the United States Army Caribbean Institute in the Canal Zone.


Velasco was promoted to brigadier general in 1959 and in 1962 was sent to France as military attache. In 1964 he returned home and President Fernando Belaunde Terry (1963—1968) appointed him in-spector general and chief of staff ol the army. On October 3, 1968, he led the military coup against President Belaunde and became president of the Revolutionary Govenment of the Armed Forces. He was forced to resign the presidency by the military leaders on August 29, 1975.


  • The most important measures adopted by his administration were the agrarian reform, nationalization of the petroleum and mining industries, and reduction of economic and political dependency on the great powers.