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educator , Ophthalmologist

Juana Gallar, Spanish ophthalmologist, educator. Young Scientist Research grant, Foundation Navarro-Trípodi, 1992-1993, Senior fellowship, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1995, grant, Spanish Ministry of Science, since 1995, Salvador Madariaga Senior fellowship, Spanish Ministry of Science & Innovation, 2008.


Gallar, Juana was born on June 19, 1960 in Hellín, Albacete, Spain. Daughter of Rafael Gallar and Salvadora Martinez.


Doctor of Medicine, University Alicante Medical School, 1983. Doctor of Philosophy, Institute Neuroscis., University Alicante, 1991.


Instructor lecturer physiology University Alicante Medical School, 1984—1988, assistant professor physiology, 1988—1993, associate professor human physiology Sant Joan d'Alacant, Spain, 1993—1997. Full professor human physiology University Miguel Hernandez Medical School, associate professor human physiology, 1997—2002. Researcher Center Investigaciones Oculares, San Vicente, 1987—1997.

Visiting researcher Eye Research Institute Retina Foundation, Boston, 1991—1991. Visiting scholar Department Ophthalmology, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, 1995—1995. Invited researcher CRCRT, University New South Wales, Sydney, 1997, associate researcher, 1997—2003.

Visiting researcher University Helsinki Department Ophthalmology, 1999, 2001. Docent ophthalmology Helsinki University Hospital, 2008. Professor Institute Neuroscis.

Alicante, San Juan de Alicante, since 1990. Secretary University Alicante School Nursing, 1984—1990, University Alicante Department Physiology, San Juan, 1995—1997, University Miguel Hernandez Department Physiology, Sant Joan d'Alacant, 1997—2000, adjunct dean, 1999—2000. Councillor University Miguel Hernandez Quality Council, Elche, 2000—2007.

Vice-president University Miguel Hernandez, Elche, 2000—2007. Member University Miguel Hernandez Governing Council, Elche, since 2000. Local representative board European Association Vision & Eye Research, Brussels, 2000—2003.

Board member Spanish National Conference University Rectors Commission Academic Affairs, Madrid, 2000—2004. Director Center Postgraduate Studies & Continuing Training, UMH, Elche, 2001—2004. President Commission Teaching Body Evaluation & Selection, UMH, Elche, 2002—2003.

Senator Constituent Senate University Miguel Hernandez, Elche, 2002—2004. President Committee Postgraduate Studies, UMH, Elche, 2003—2005, elected biomedicine representative, since 2007, Com.Indsl. & Intellectual Property, UMH, Elche, since 2001, Committee Doctorate Studies, UMH, Elche, since 2007.

Elected member University Miguel Hernandez Senate, Elche, since 2004.


  • Achievements include patents for composition for treating ocular pain. Patents for method and device for effecting aesthesiometries. Patents for peptides blocking response to chemical substances or thermal stimuli or nociceptor inflammation mediators and compositions containing said peptides.

    Patents for treatment and/or prevention of ocular pain. Patents for método para la detección de proteínas PrP en animales vivos. Patents for aparato para la obtención de muestras de tejido ocular en animales vertebrados.

    Patents for compound for the treatment of ocular dryness caused by photorefractive surgery. Patents for modulation of TRPV expression levels. Research in the available neurophysiological data about the functional types of ocular sensory receptors and their role in sensations arising from the eye.

    First to to describe the correlation between neural activity in sensory fibers and human sensations caused by noxious and non-noxious stimulation of the ocular surface. First to to demonstrate on the separate mechanisms present in nociceptive nerve endings to selectively detect mechanical and thermal stimuli. First to to describe the double role of the sympathetic nervous system in the regulation of IOP and ocular blood flow.


Board member Governing Council Foundation “Fundació Museu Valencià del Joguet”, Jijona, Spain, 2005—2008, Governing Council “Fundació de l’Esport Il.licità, Elche, since 2005. Founder Interuniversitary Valencian Committee for International Relations & Cooperation, Valencia, Spain, 2004, treasurer Castellon, Spain, 2006—2007. Board member City Alicante Board Culture, Spain, 2003—2007.

Vice-president Commission Legislative Projects Valencian Council Education, Spain, 2004—2007. Board member Gender Issues Observatory Valencian Government, 2004—2006, Valencian Council Education, 2000—2007. Delegate Permanent Committee Valencian Council Education, 2004—2007.

President committee postgraduate studies, Association European University Institute Joan Lluis Vives, Barcelona, 2006—2007, delegate governing council, 2003—2007. Fellow: Society Española Ciencias Fisiológicas., Society Española Education Médica. Member: Society Española Neurociencia., International Brain Research Organization, International Association Study Pain, European Neurosci.

Association, Society Neurosci.., European Vision & Eye Research Association, Association Research Vision Ophthalmology., International Society Eye Research, Club Atlético Montemar.


  • Other Interests

    Travel, hiking, reading, kites.


1 child Angeles Chamber.

Rafael Gallar

Salvadora Martinez

Angeles Chamber Gallar