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Jussi Yrjo Kalevi RANTA

Member of the Eduskunta

Jussi Yrjo Kalevi RANTA, Member of the Eduskunta.


RANTA, Jussi Yrjo Kalevi was born on November 13, 1947 in Lauritsala, Finland. Parents: Yrjö Ranta and Toini Ellen Ranta (née Stoor).


Lappeenranta Technical College, 1973.


Member, Lappeenranta Town Council, 1977-1981 and 1st Vice-Chairman, 1980-1981. Political Secretary, to Minister of Home Affairs, 1981-1982. Chairman, Saimaa Co-operative Car Representatives, 1980.

Chairman, South-Saimaa Co-op, Store Representatives, 1982. Member. Presidential Electorate, 1982. Member of Eduskunta, since 1983.

1st Vice-Chairman. Lappeenranta Town Council, 1983. Member, Social Democratic Party Party Committee, 1984. Chairman, Finnish Workers Savings Bank District Committee, 1984.

Chairman, Admin. Board, South-Karelian Provincial Union, 1985. Member, Admin. Board, Lappeenranta lampovoima Oy., 1985. District Planning Engineer, South-Karelian District Planning Office, 1974.


  • Vastuun aika, 1982.


Spouse Eeva Sirkku Kantonen, 1969. Children: Tiitus, Veli, Kukka.