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K. P. Chang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Chiung-Pal


Chang K. P. was a well-educated banker and writer.


Mr. Chang was born in Ningpo, Chekiang in 1885.


Chang K. P. received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Nanyang University in 1907 and went to Japan for further study in the same year.


Mr. Chang started his career as an educator, teaching English, banking and economics at Chekiang Provincial College and Chekiang Military Academy at Hangchow, and Chekiang 4th Middle School and Ningpo School of Commerce at Ningpo from 1909 to 1917.

He entered political field and became Secretary to the Currency Bureau of Ministry of Finance in 1918 and was appointed sub-auditor in charge of Harbin Office of Government Salt Administration the following year. Eventually he turned to banking and in 1921 went to Tsingtao to establish a branch office of the Ming Hwa Commercial and Savings Bank.

Chang K. P. was elected General Manager of the Bank in 1929 with head office at Shanghai but the bank became bankrupt in May of 1935 and was closed. He also recognized authority on numismatics. Chang K. P. was an author of "A Sketch on Hsien Feng Coins," etc.


  • book

    • "A Sketch on Hsien Feng Coins"