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Yun Hu Edit Profile

also known as Y. Hu

banker , Economist

Mr. Y. Hu was manager and director of a number of Chinese banks including: Bank of Communications in Peking, Yienyieh Commercial Bank, Kincheng Banking Corporation, the Continental Bank and others as well.


Mr. Y. Hu is a native of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province and was born in 1884.


Prior to the organization of the China & South Sea Bank Mr. Hu was manager of the head office of the Bank of Communications in Peking. At the opening of South Sea Bank in Shanghai in July 1921, he was made general manager.

Mr. Hu was largely instrumental in the formation of a banking alliance with three other well-known Chinese banks: the Yienyieh Commercial Bank, Kincheng Banking Corporation and the Continental Bank.

The Four Banks Joint Treasury and the Four Banks’ Joint Savings Society have been organized under his direction. The former controls the issue of bank notes of the China & South Sea Bank upon a full cash basis, while the latter follows the pattern of a mutual savings bank whereby the depositors may share in its profits.

Mr. Hu was one of the chief supervisors of the Joint Treasury and a member of the executive committee of the Joint Savings Society. Aside from his interest in the China & South Sea Bank, he was director of several other Chinese banks; such as the Kincheng Banking Corporation, the Tacheng Bank in Peking and the Sinhua Savings Bank and the Jiangsu Tenyieh Bank.