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Kalevi Kuslaa MATTILA

Member of the Eduskunta

Kalevi Kuslaa MATTILA, Member of the Eduskunta.


MATTILA, Kalevi Kuslaa was born on November 11, 1934 in Ylivieska, Finland. Parents: Arvi Manila and Hilja Aliina Manila.


Kajaani, Primary School Teacher, 1960. Hameenlinna, Secondary School Teacher, 1963.


Member, Ylivieska Town Council, 1969-1972, and since 1988, Chairman, 1971-1972. Chairman, Oulu District School Planning Committee, 1971 and since 1988. 1st Chairman, Kalajokilaakso Financial District, 1971.

Municipal Director, Alavieska, 1973-1975. Member of Eduskunta. since 1975. Town Inspector, Finnish Towns Association, Ylivieska District, 1975.

Vice-Chairman, CentralPohjanmaa Treasury, Finland’s Culture Fund, 1975. Vice-Chairman, Middle Department Advisory Committee, 1978. Chmn, State Auditors, 1977.

Member. Presidential Electorate, 1978 and 1983. Chairman, Admin. Council, Pohjanmaa Telephone Co-operative, 1980. Auditor, Bank of Finland, 1983.

1st Vice-Chairman, Advissory Committee, Association, of Telephone Companies, 1983. Primary School Teacher, Ylivieska, 1954-1956 and 1960-1961, Secondary School Teacher, 1961 -68. Secretary of the Primary School Board and Chief Education Officer, 1968-1972.

Chairman, Advisory Committee, Ylivieska Technical College, 1979.


Spouse Hanna Liisa Jaakola, 1963. Children: Pekka, Páivi, Jukka.