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Executive Secretary

Karl DROCHTER, Executive Secretary, Austrian Trade Union Federation.


DROCHTER, Karl was born on July 1, 1940 in Himberg.


Federal Trade School for Foundry Industry.


Various functions in Union of Metal, Mining and Energy Industry Workers, Schwechat. District councillor, Ebergassing, since 1970. Provincial education consultant, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, Lower Austria, 1971-1983, and provincial Secretary, 1983-1987.

Secretary, Socialist Trade Unionists’ Group, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, Lower Austria, and Federal Secretary of Socialist Trade Unionists’ Group, since 1987. Senior Secretary, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, since 1987. Deputy Mayor of Ebergassing, 1979-1986.

Member of Executive, Chamber of Workers and Employees, Lower Austria, since 1983. Sent to Bundesrat from Lower Austrian Provincial Assembly, Member of Bundesrat, since 1987. Technical worker, Waagner Bird Stadlav, 1957.

Moulder and caster, Bachmayer Metal Foundry, 1958-1961. Skilled foundry worker, Hutterer and Lechner, 1961-1971, and Chairman of works council, 1962-1971. Various functions, occupational support institute, Lower Austria.

Financial consultant, Ebergassing District Council, 1980-1986. Deputy head of Lower Austrian Schools Inspectorate for Commercial Vocational Schools, since 1984. Member of Board of Directors, Lower Austrian Regional Medical Insurance Company.