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Karo Tomasovich OVNATANYAN


Karo OVNATANYAN, USSR Surgeon. Professor 1944; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1937; Head, Chair of Faculty Surgery, Gorky Medicine Institute, Stalino, Donets Basin, since 1952. All-Union Spasokukotsky Prize, 1952; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1961; Order of Red Star; three medals.


OVNATANYAN, Karo was born in 1902 in Baku.


Studied at Physico-Mathematical Faculty, Azerbaydzhan University. 1927 graduated Medical Faculty, Azerbaydzhan University.


1947-1950 Deputy, Lenin Rayon Soviet, North-Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Specialist in hepatobiliary, renal and splenic pathology. Board member, Ukrainia, and Deputy Chairman, Stalino Society of Surgeons.

Suggested new methods of: closing a congenital defect of the diaphragm by a goffering suture in true diaphragmic hernia. Nephropexy with a catgut net. Suprapubic arciform extraperitoneal section for stones in the pelvic portion of the ureter.

A new section in surgical treatment of the spleen. New methods of orchidopexy and pneumoperitoneum in splenomegaly. Developed many new surgical instruments, e. g.: spoon clamps for removing papillary tumors of the bladder.

T-clamps for fixation of the kidney in the operation wound. A special needle for puncturing the abdominal cavity, etc. Works deal with surgery and urology.

1927-1941 supernumerary intern, then Assistant, 1937-1941 lecturer, Hospital Surgical Clinic, Azerbaydzhan Narimanov Medicine Institute. 1941-1943 Chief Surgeon and Director of Medicine, Red Army military hospital. 1943-1952 Head, Chair of General Surgery, North-Ossetian Medicine Institute.


Religion discourages exploration of science and universe by suppressing curiosity, and denies its followers a broader perspective.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.