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Kathleen Sue Hollis Edit Profile

Accountant , auditor , executive , State official

She was born in Chicago on July 26, 1935. She is adaughter of James and Helen (Rose) Coffey. Sue spent her summers as a camp counselor at the Leota School in Evansville. Sue was a farm wife first of all and had worked at Dormann Cheese Corporation of Monroe and was a cook at the Dayton Hideway for many years. Sue was a Girl Scout Leader for over twenty five years.


  • Society Fin. Examiners

  • Illinois Society Fin. Examiners

  • National Association Female Executives

  • United States Naval Institute

  • Air Force Association

  • Naval Reserve Association

  • American Management Association

  • Illinois National Guard Association (legislation communications 1979-83, ship committee 1981-83)

    1979 - 1983

  • International Platform Association