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Kenneth Vincent Knight

entrepreneur , venture capitalist

Kenneth Vincent Knight, American entrepreneur, venture capitalist. Recipient Achievers award Florida Trend magazine, 1983, 88, Inc. 500 award Inc. magazine, 1984, The Capital award National Leadership Council, 1991, Nova University Alumni award, 1992; named Florida's Best International Company, Prestige International magazine, 1985, Alumni of Year, Nova Southeastern University, 1993.


Knight, Kenneth Vincent was born on March 30, 1944 in Jersey City.


Student, Northwestern College, Iowa, 1965. Bachelor of Science in Management, New York Institute of Technology, New York City, 1973. Master of Business Administration, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1977.

Graduate, Officer Candidate School, FARNG, 1968.


Manager, customer/corporation relations Cavanaugh Corporation, Miami, Florida, 1967. Assistant director corporation services Burger King Corporation, 1968-1970. Assistant to senior vice president investor relations Deltona Corporation, 1970-1974.

Director corporation/investor relations General Development Corporation, GDV Corporation, Miami and New York City, 1974-1978. Vice president resort affiliations, stockholder Interval International, Miami, 1978-1979, senior vice president marketing, 1979-1982, executive vice president, chief operations, 1983-1984. President, chief operations Interval International & Worldex, 1984-1987, president, major shareholder, 1987—1989, vice chairman, 1989-1992.

Founder, general partner Leisure Fund, Ltd., 1992—1995. Founder, president, Chief Executive Officer Leisure Founders, Inc., 1992—1996. Founder, senior partner Leisure Fund Associate, L.P., since 1995.

Founder, chairman, Chief Executive Officer Leisure Corporation International, since 1996. President Kansas' Finest Hotel Management, Inc., since 1995. Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, co-founder Worldex Corporation, Miami, 1982-1992, Worldex Travel Centers, 1983-1992, Leaguestar Plc, London, 1988-1992.

Co-founder Worldex Corporation, Denver and Los Angeles, Worldex Europe Ltd., London, Intercambico International de Vacienes, SA, Mexico City, 1985-1992, Interval Austrailasia Proprietary Ltd., Sydney, 1980-1991, Leisurecorp International, since 1992. Board advisors Property Planning, Inc., 1972-1975, Interval International, 1975-1978. Founder, forum participant Time Share Institute, 1978-1992.

Senior founder, forum participant, Moderator American Resort Developers Association, Washington, 1978-1991. Ecotourism Natureshare Association, Stowe, Vermont, 1990, Interval/CUC International Merger Acquisition, Stamford and London, 1992. II Merger, 1994, Vacation Accommodation Directory, Tampa, 1992, Condo Network, Inc., Kansas City, 1992, Brentwood Equities/American Library Association Healthcare, Los Angeles, 1993-1995, Vryex Corporation Bridge, La Jolla, California, 1996, Nextec Corporation/Erose Capital, Los Angeles, since 1997, Voice Track Corporation, Dallas, 1997, Hawaiian Water Bridge, Honolulu, 1998, InterLink Acquisition Restructure, Denver, 1999, I-Mind Education Systems Syndication, San Francisco, 2000.

Board governors Nova University Graduate School Business Century Foundation, 1987-1991, Nova Southeastern Wayne Hurizenga Graduate School Business and Entrepreneurship, since 1992, advisory board. Speakers forum Dave Thomas's Ambassadors Enterprise Program, Nova Southeastern University, 1995, board directors South Florida Alumni. Member Farquhar Undergrad.

President Search Committee, 1998, board trustees audit committee, since 1998. Trustee Nova Southeastern University, 1994, vice-chair strategic planning, 1996. Florida venture forum Florida International University, since 1995, Small Business Development Center, University Central Florida, since 1996, Associate Governor Boards Universities and Colleges, since 1995.

Speaker, lecturer in field.


  • Founder: (magazines) The Leisure Society, Dreamweavers. Executive public: (newspaper) Timesharing Times, 1980. (magazine) Timeshare Traveler, 1984-1990, Directory Resorts, 1980-1990.

    Member editorial board Vacation Industry Review, since 1985 (most traveled executive 1984). Author: Best Use for Resort Condominiums, 1972, Time Sharing—What It Is and How It Works, 1974, Master of Business Administration Magazine, Timesharing for Land Development Industry, 1974, Timesharing—Alternatives for Low Cost Vacations and Second Homes, Graduate Business Journal, 1977, Timesharing Times, Quality First for Interval and Knight, 1980, Travelmost Magazine, 1982, Florida Trend, The Achievers Sharing the Honors in a Time-Share Success, 1982, Timesharing Institute, The State of the Industry, 1983, Timeshare Encyclopedia, Volume II, Marketing & Sales, 1979, Volume IV, Finance & Servicing, Receivables, 1980, United States Congressional Record, 1987, Leisure Sharing for the 21st Century, New York University Hospitality Conference, 1992.


Second lieutenant United States Army, 1966-1967. 1st lieutenant Florida Army National Guard, 1970-1972, retired 1993.


  • Other Interests

    Skiing, travel.


Son of Julian (Konopacki) and Ellen (Gordon) Knight. Married Karen Keenan, June 1, 1968 (divorced June 1978). 1 child, Karisa M.; married Maria H. Herrera, June 17, 1983.

Children: Alexander, (adopted) Maria B. Barroso, Christina M. Barroso.

Julian Knight

Karen Keenan

Maria H. Herrera

Karisa M. Knight

Alexander Knight

(adopted) Maria B. Barroso Knight

Christina M. Barroso Knight