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Khairy Aref PHARAON

Charge d’affaires , Saudi Embassy in Somalia

Khairy Aref PHARAON, Charge d’affaires, Saudi Embassy in Somalia.


PHARAON, Khairy Aref was born on August 13, 1921 in Jerusalem, Israel.


Received Palestine Government Baccalaureat.


Attache, Saudi Embassy, Paris 1950-1956. Third Secretary, Saudi Embassy, Tunis 1957-1959, Bonn, 1960-1961. Head, Translation Bureau, Foreign Ministry 1961-1962.

Second Secretary, Saudi Embassy, Athens 1964-1967. First Secretary, Saudi Embassy, Senegal 1968-1971. Counsellor, Saudi Embassy, Teheran 1972-1974.

Delegate to Conference of International Aviation, Paris 1950, International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Teheran, United Nations Session, Paris, 1952. Charge d’affaires, Saudi Embassy in Somalia.


Throughout human history, God has sent prophets to people in different parts of the world. He guided them to choose the path that would lead people to happiness in this world and the one to follow.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, sport.