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Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

playwright , writer , board member

Konstantin PAUSTOVSKY, Russ, writer and playwright; board member, USSR Union of Writers. Order of Red Banner of Labor.


Paustovsky, Konstantin Georgievich was born in 1892.


Studied at Kiev and Moscow University.


Traveled in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, France, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. 1956 defended Dudintsev’s novel “Ne khlebom yedinym” (Not by Bread Alone) before Presidium, USSR Union of Writers. 1959 defended Soviet youth in “Literaturnaya gazeta”.

After his West European trip wrote several essays dealing favorably with West. 1914-1915 medical orderly in Russia Army at front. Later streetcar operator and conductor in Moscow.

Worker at plant in Yekaterinosav (now Dnepropetrovsk), various factories in Bryansk, Yuzovka and Taganrog, and a fishing artel operating in Azov Sea. In Moscow teacher of Russ, literature. 1917 corresponding and staff reporter, newspaper “Vedomosti moskovskogo gradonachalstva” (Gazette of the Moscow Borough).

Later worked for newspaper “Vlast naroda”. During Civil War: in Kiev in Red Army. In Odessa as corresponding, newspaper “Mayak”.

In Caucasus and Transcaucasia later devoted himself entirely to literature work. During World War II correspondent on Southern front.


  • Author: Kara Bugaz, 1932. Kolchida, 1934

  • The Romantics, 1935. Black Sea, 1936

  • Northern Tales, 1939.Distant Years, 1946

  • Tale of the Forests, 1948. Birth of the Sea, 1952. Restless Youth, 1955.The Golden Rose, 1956. The Beginning of the Unknown Age, 1958. The Time of Great Expectations, 1959.A Jump to the South, 1960. The Best Novels, 1962. Selections, 1961

  • All works