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Konstantin Ivanovich Ruzhitskii

archpriest , Russian Orthodox clergyman

Konstantin Ruzhitskii, Russian Orthodox clergyman; Archpriest.


Ruzhitskii, Konstantin was born on March 29, 1888 in Molchitsy in Volhynia. Son of a deacon.


Educated at the Volhynia seminary in Zhitomir, 1912. Graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy, 1916.


Priest in various parts of the Ukraine, 1916-1945, and at the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, 1945, where he supervised the rebuilding of the war-damaged cathedral. Represented the Moscow church authorites at the L’vov Council, 1946, when on Stalin’s orders, the Ukrainian Uniate Church (Greek Catholic) was officially incorporated into the Russian Orthodox Church (continuing to exist underground). Professor (Greek language and psychology) at the Kiev Seminary, 1948-1949.

Dean of the Moscow Theological Academy, 1951.