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Konstantin Ivanovich SKRYABIN


Konstantin SKRYABIN, USSR Helminthologist. 1958 Hero of Socialist Labor; Stalin Prize, 1941, 1950; Lenin Prize, 1957; four Order of Lenin; Mechnikov Gold Medal of USSR Academy of Science; three Order of Red Banner of Labor; Order of Red Star; medals.


SKRYABIN, Konstantin was born in 1878 in St. Petersburg.


1905 graduated Yurev Veterinary Institute.


Professor; Doctor of Veterinary Science since 1934. Doctor of Medicine Science since 1938. Doctor of Biological Science since 1943.

Full member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1939. Full member, USSR Academy of Medical Science. since 1944. Full member since 1935, Lenin All-Union Academy, of Agriculture Science, Professor, Chair of Parasitology, Moscow Veterinary Academy, since 1948.

Director, Laboratory of Helminthology, USSR Academy of Science, since 1942. Honoured Worker of Science Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1927 and of Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic since 1945. 1916 magister; 1920 founded Helminthology Museum at Don Veterinary Institute, Novocherkassk.

1922 founded Commission for the Study of USSR Hclminthofauna, Helminthology Department, Central Tropical Institute, reorganized in 1940 into All-Union Helminthological Society, Biological Deputy, USSR Academy of Science. Chairman, above Society until present. 1923 founded “Zhumal tropicheskoy meditsiny” (Journal of Tropical Medicine) and Helminthology Department, Armenian Tropical Institute, Yerevan.

Founded helminthology depts. at science institutes in nearly all USSR republ. 1926 founded laboratory for the Study of Helminthiases of Fur Animals, All-Union Institute of Helminthology. 1933 founded Phytohelminthology Laboratory.

1942 founded Veterinary-Zootechn. Section, Commission for Mobilizing the Resources of the Volga and Kama Areas for Defense Needs, USSR Academy of Science. Head, Helminthological Laboratory, USSR Academy of Science, laterrenamed Laboratory of Helminthology.

Since 1954 honorary member, Kirghizia Academy of Sciences. Honorary member, French Academy, of Veterinary Science and Czech Academy, of Agriculture Science. Since 1926 member, State Learned Council, member of many other science commissions and comt.

Since 1930 full member, Permanent Commission of Veterinary Congresses, Paris. Since 1938 member, Higher Certifying Commission, USSR Council of Popular Commissar. Since 1942 Bureau member,Department of Biological Science, USSR Academy of Science.

Since 1958 full member, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Helped edit Soviet publications on veterinary medical. Takes part in AllUnion and international congresses on helminthology.

Member, learned counc. of many USSR Ministry. Deputy, Soviet of the Union, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946 and 1950 convocation. Frequently visits satelitte countries to organize campaign against helminthiasis.

Conducted more than 300 helminthological expeditions throughout USSR. Several higher education establishments named after him. Works deal with helminthology of man and animals.