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Kuang-ling Pao Edit Profile


Kuang-ling Pao was a Chinese worker.


He was born in Peking, China on October 10, 1889.


Mr. Pao attended the following schools: Jefferson Academy, Northern China Union College for Art, North China Union Theological College, New College of London (Divinity School of London University).


Kuang-ling Pao held following positions: Principal of Ping Ming Middle School, Chinshih College, the Peking College of Commerce and Finance (all at Peiping), general secretary of the Kang Wa Shih Chinese Church, associate general secretary of the Chinese Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) in Peiping, China, editor of the Christain Literature Society in Peiping.

He was an author of "The Study of Jesus", "What The Chinese Church Ought to Do", "Christain Solutions to Some Intellectual Problems (English)", Chinese translations, "The Atonement and Non-Resistance" and Toward the Understanding of Jesus".