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Kuo-cheng Chang

educational director

Chang Kuo-cheng was a director of education as well as a Chinese official.


Mr. Chang was born in Liaochung, China in 1897.


Chang Kuo-cheng graduated from the Russian High School of Commerce at Harbin.


Short after his graduation, Chang Kuo-cheng was appointed professor in the Russian Law College of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some time later he took up the post of professor of Russian at Sino-Russian University, Peking. Then Mr. Chang worked as a councillor and concurrently chief of the social department in the office of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for the Three Eastern Provinces.

He served as a councillor of the office of Sino-Russian Conference and director of its office at Mukden and was in the employ of Headquarters of the late Chang Tso-lin at Mukden. Chang Kuo-cheng held the positions of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for the Three Eastern Provinces, chief of the editorial and compilation department of Soviet documents, with special reference to those documents connected with Soviet violence in China and secretary of the Headquarters for peace maintenance of the Three Eastern Provinces. Later Mr. Chang was known as a director of the board of education of the Harbin Special Area.


  • "Russian Literature"

  • "Documents with Reference to the Soviet Violent Elements in China"