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cultural planner , art and architecture historian

Lanier Graham, American Art and architecture historian, cultural planner. Avocations: printmaking, poetry, collecting prints and illustrated books, publishing private press portfolios and books of poetry. M C. Member College Art Association, American Association Museum, International Council Museum (training committee), Society of Architectural Historians, National Society of Literature and the Arts, World Print Council.


Graham, Lanier was born on March 6, 1940 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States. Son of Floyd and Martha Graham.


Bachelor in Cultural Affairs, American U., 1963;Master of Arts in Art History, Columbia University, 1966;Doctor of Philosophy in Art History, U. Berkley, 1968.


Planner cultural institutions, since 1965;associate curator architecture and design, Museum Modern Art, New York City, 1965-1970;curator of paintings and sculpture, renaissance to modern, Fine Arts Museum, San Francisco, 1970-1976;curator, Cultural Resource Management Center, San Francisco, 1976-1983;curator of prints and books, Australian National Gallery, Canberra, 1984-1987;curator of paintings, sculpture and prints, renaissance to modern, Norton Simon Museum Art, Pasadena, California, 1987-1991;director, curator, Art Information Center - An Information Svc., Northbank, California, 1991-1997;director, curator, University Art Gallery, California State University, Hayward, since 1997. Art history lecturer, ethnics studies, religious studies, aesthetics, music studies and holistic studies educator New York University, Antioch University, U. San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley, John F. Kennedy U., California Institute Asian Studies, California State University, Hayward, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Humboldt State University, Arcata.


  • Avocations: printmaking, poetry, collecting prints and illustrated books, publishing private press portfolios and books of poetry.


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  • Other Work

    • Author: Leonardo's Book Illustrations, 1961, Botticelli's Dante, 1963, Mies van der Rohe Drawings, 1966, The Architecture of Louis I. Kahn, 1966, Chess Sets, 1968, Hector Guimard, 1970, Three Centuries of American Painting, 1971, Three Centuries of French Art, volunteer 1, 1973, volunteer 2, 1975, Claude Monet, 1974, Brother Sun & Sister Moon: Alchemical Symbols in Traditional and Modern Art, 1979, Illustrated Books of Henri Matisse, 1979, Leonardo & the Androgyne: Nonduality in World Art, 1980, Decades of Light: Early Modern French Painting, 1980, The Spontaneous Gesture: Prints and Books of the Abstract Expressionist Era, 1987, Vincent Van Gogh: Painter, Printmaker, Collector, 1990, The Prints of Willem de Kooning: A Catalogue Raisonné, volunteer 1, 1991, Impossible Realities: Marcel Duchamp and the Surrealist Tradition, 1991, Sacred Visions: A Survey of World Art and Architecture, volunteer 1, 1991, volunteer 2, 1992, The Double Serpent: Symbol of Transformation in World Art, 1993, Rhythms and Reverberations: Multicultural Art in the United States and its Development from the Tribal World, 1993, Solidity and Infinity: The Symbolism of the Circle and Square in World Architecture, 1995, Goddesses in Art, 1997, Mallarme and Modern Art, 1997, Life, Death and Laughter: The Art of Masami Teraoka, 1998, The Art of the Book: The Modern Livre d'Artiste, 1999, Duchamp and Androgyny: Art, Gender, and Metaphysics, 2003, Robert Rauschenberg, Artist-Citizen, 2004, Flaming Pages: The Illuminated Books of William Blake, 2005, Global Vision: A Survey of World Art, volunteer 1, 2006, volunteer 2, 2008, The Spirit of the Renaissance: A Recreation of the Studiolo of Urbino around 1500, 2007. Collections of poetry include Nature Poems, 1958, The Sin of 100 Debts, 1967, Heavy Light: Haiku on the Theme of Modern Physics & Ancient Wisdom, 1978, Electro-Magnetism: Poems on the Theme of Complementarity, 1982, Fragments of Feelings: Selected Poems, 1994, Undulations of Eternity: Collected Poems, 1994. General editor: The Rainbow Book: Color.

      From Ancient to Modern Times, 1975, 76, review edition, 1979, Rodin Graphics: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1975, American Art from the Collection of Mr. And Mistress John D. Rockefeller 3d, 1976, Giorgione & the Experts: A Documentary Exhibition of the Three Ages of Man & the Process of Authentication, 1993, 94, Leonardo's Light in the Last Supper and Christ among the Doctors, 1995. Co-author Code of Ethics for Australian Association Museum, 1970-1987, College Art Association.

      Author studies in renaissance and modern art from Impressionism to Contemporary Art. Research in relationships between modern and traditional art, particularly symbols of the transcendent. Editor BOA: Bulletin of Archives of Art Information Center, since 1960, Renaissance Studies, since 1963, Muse: Newsletter of Visual Education and Cultural Planning, since 1969, Bi-Singularity: Double Images of Nonduality in World Art, since 1979, Leonardo Studies, since 1980, Sacred Spaces: World Architecture & Symbolism, since 1976, Poesis: A Review of Poetry by Artists, 1987-1993, Iconography of Infinity: Essays on Art and Philosophy, since 1992.

      Planner various cultural institutions including International Study Center, New York City, Museum Modern Art, Greenwich Village History Preservation District, New York City, Fine Arts Museum, San Francisco, Urban Planning Think Tank, San Francisco, Exploratorium, San Francisco, Bay Area Conservation Center, San Francisco, Archives American Art, San Francisco, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, Headlands Center Arts, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service, Sausalito, Yerba Buena Center Arts, San Francisco, Jean Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, Louvre Museum, Paris, Morris Graves Art Museum, Eureka, California Indian Museum and Cultural Center, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service, San Francisco., Museum Modern Art, Center Creation Industrielle, Paris.


Member Society of Architectural Historians, National Society of Literature and the Arts, World Print Council, Archives of America Art, Smithsonian Institution (advisory committee western region), International Society Poets., Institute for Aesthetic Development, Association Historians American Art.


  • Other Interests

    Printmaking, poetry, art.


Married Gloria K. Smith. 1 child Jennifer R. Ulrich.

Floyd Graham

Martha Graham

Gloria K. Smith

Jennifer R. Ulrich Graham