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Leonid Mikhailovich Lavrovskii

choreographer , ballet dancer

Leonid Lavrovskii, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer.


Lavrovskii, Leonid was born on June 18, 1905 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School, 1922.


Dancer, and soon leading dancer, with the Leningrad Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Kirov Theatre) until 1935. Artistic director of ballet at the Leningrad Malyi Theatre, 1935-1938. Artistic director of the Kirov Theatre, 1938-1944.

In 1942-1943, with the Spendiarov Theatre in Erevan as its artistic director. From 1944-1964, with some intervals, chief choreographer of the Bolshoi Theatre. Took part in the Filming of his production of Romeo and Juliet, with director Lev Arnshtam.

A TV film of this production was made in London in 1973.