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Leonid Robertovich NEYMAN

electronic engineer

Leonid NEYMAN, USSR Electronic engineer. Professor 1940; Head, Chair of Theoretical Principles of Electronic Engineering, Leningrad Polytcchn. Institute, since 1951; Doctor of Technology Science since 1940; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1953. two USSR medals; Uzbek Supreme Soviet Presidium's Scroll of Honor.


NEYMAN, Leonid was born in 1902 in St. Petersburg.


1930 graduated Electromech. Faculty, Leningrad Polytechn. Institute.


1937-1940 assisted Commission on Conductor and Magnetic Materials,Department of Technology Science, USSR Academy of Science, and USSR Committee of Measures and Mensural Instruments. 1942-1944 worked on raising output of “Uzbekenergo” Hydroelectr. Power Plant generators.

January 1960 presented a paper on “The Technical Characteristics of Direct Current Transmission Lines”. March 1960 at General Assembly of Dept, ol Technology Science, USSR Academy of Science, presented a paper on "Alternating and Direct Current Transmission Lines in a Single Power System”. 1930-1940 instructor, 1940-1946 Professor, 1946-1950 Dean, Electromech.

Faculty, Leningrad Polytechn. Institute; 1931-1935 Director, Strong Currents Group, Leningrad Electrophysical Institute. 1946 science work at laboratory of Power Engineering Institute, USSR Academy of Science.