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Leonid Sergeevich SOBOLEV

writer , Russ

Leonid SOBOLEV, Russ, writer. Secretary, USSR Union of Writers; Chairman, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Union of Writers, since 1959. Order of Lenin, 1958; Stalin Prize, 1943.


SOBOLEV, Leonid was born in 1898 in Irkutsk.


1916-1917 studied at St. Petersburg Naval School. 1918 graduated advanced navigation course for officers.


1917-1918 signalman on torpedo-boat “Stroyny”. Gunlayer, torpedo-boat “Zabaykalets”. 1918-1919 volunteer, Red Navy, on destroyer “Orfey”.

1919 junior navigator, battleship “Andrey Pervozvanny”. 1920-1928 held various commands in Baltic Fleet. 1928-1931 second in command, Operations Section, Baltic Fleet Staff.

Since 1931 Secretary, Editor Board, journal “Zalp” (Salvo), organ of Literature Society of Red Army and Navy Writers (LOKAF). Since 1932 Organization Secretary, Leningrad Baltic Department, LOKAF. Since 1939 war correspondent of “Pravda” and of Main Political Board, Soviet Navy.

1917-1919 participated in Gulf of Riga naval engagements against German Fleet, in winter campaign from Helsinki to Kronshtadt, and in suppression of revolt at fort Krasnaya Gorka. 1932-1934 board member, Leningrad Section, Union of Soviet Writers. 1934-1937 board member, since 1937 Presidium member, USSR Union of Writers.

Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1958 convocation. 1960 member, USSR Supreme Soviet delegation to Bolivia.