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Leonid Mitrofanovich Zamiatin

diplomat , politician

Leonid Zamiatin, USSR Politician, diplomat.


Zamiatin, Leonid was born in 1922.


Graduated from the Moscow Ordzhonikidze Institute of Aircraft Construction, 1944.


In the same year, joined the Communist Party. Entered the Diplomatic Service, 1946. Councillor with the Soviet Delegation to the United Nations, 1954-1957.

USSR Deputy Representative at the Preparatory Committee, then at the Council of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 1959-1960. Deputy head, 1960-1963, and head of the American Department, 1962. Head of the Press Department of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1962-1970.

Directorgeneral of the news agency TASS until 1978. Member of the Central Auditing Committee, 1971-1976. Chief of the Central Committee’s Department for International Information from 1978.

Ambassador to the UK, 1987.


Religion is a tool used by the ruling classes for the masses to relieve their suffering via the act of experiencing religious emotions.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.