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Leslie HANNAH, economist in the field of Economic History; Industrial Organisation.


HANNAH, Leslie was born in 1947 in Oldham, Lancashire, England.


Bachelor of Arts (History), Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts University Oxford, 1968, 1972, 1972. Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1975, 1975.


Junior Research Fellow History, University Oxford, 1969-1973. Lector Economics, University Essex, 1973-1975. Lector Recent British Economics and Social History, Fellow, Emmanuel College Cambridge, 1975-1978.

Director, Business History Unit., London School of Economies and Political Science, London, United Kingdom, Imperial College Science and Technology, London, since 1978. Thomas Carroll Ford Foundation Visiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School Business Administration, 1984-1985. Professor Business History, London School of Economies and Political Science, London, United Kingdom, 1982-.

Editor, Business History-, Chairman, Editor Advisory Board, Dictionary of Business Biography.



My central research interest has been and remains the microeconomic roots of Britain’s poor economic performance in the twentieth century. I have tried to bring together some of the empirical work by historians and theoretical work by economists, initially in the area of mergers and concentration, then in studies of a major ‘new industry’, the electricity industry under private and public ownership. In the latter, international comparisons made me more and more aware of the ‘noneconomic’ sources of poor performance.

Currently I am working on the empirical analysis of entrepreneurial quality differences and on the development of occupational pension schemes (United States/United Kingdom comparisons).