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Lev Vladimirovich CHEREPNIN


Lev CHEREPNIN, USSR Historian. Doctor of History Science; Professor, History Faculty, Moscow University; Head, Section of USSR Feudal History, Institute of History, USSR Academy of Science, since 1953. Moscow University Lomonosov Prize, Class II, 1957.


Specialist in medieval hist, of the Russ, state, Russ, paleography, historiography and source material. Editor, numerous works and collections of documents inch: “Ocherki istorii USSR perioda feodalizma” (Outline History of the USSR During the Feudalist Period). “Dukhovnye i dogovornye gramoty velikikh i udelnykh knyazey XIV-XVI vv.

” (Ecclesiastical and Contractual Charters of the 14—16th c. Grand and Independent Princes). “Akty sotsialnoekonoraicheskoy istorii Severo-Vostochnoy Rusi” (Documents of the Social and Economic History of Northeastern Rus).

“Sudebniki XV-XVI vv. ” (Codes of Law of the 15-16th Centuries). 3rd volume of “Vsemirnaya istoriya” (World History), etc.

Since 1957 member, Editor Board, journal “Istoriya USSR” (History of the USSR). 1955 and 1960 attended 10th and 11th Internal Congresses of History Science.


Religion is bad because it makes people base the way they run their lives on a falsehood.


Every person has rights to express his or her opinion, but the opinion could be expressed if it was in accordance with the general interests of Soviet society.