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Levan Alekseevich KANCHAVELI


Levan KANCHAVELI, USSR Phytopathologist. Full member, Georgia Academy of Sciences, since 1950; full member and V.-President, Georgia Academy, of Agriculture Science, since 1957.


KANCHAVELI, Levan was born in 1900.


1926 graduated Tbilisi University.


Since 1930 Director, Institute of Plant Conservation, Georgia Academy of Sciences. Simultaneously teaches at Tbilisi University and Tbilisi Agriculture Institute. Works deal with micrological flora of Georgia.

PubL: “Novye vidy gribov iz Gruzii” (New Species of Fungi from Georgia) (1928). “Bacterial and Fungus Diseases of Mulberry” (1936). “Bolezni selskokhozyaystvennykh kultur i mery borby s nimi” (Diseases in Agricultural Crops and Measures of Combatting Them) (1945).

“Materialy к izucheniyu malsekko ili usykhaniya limonnykh derevev v Gruzinskoy Soviet Socialist Republic” (Materials on the Study of Malsecco, or Wastage of Citrus Trees in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic) (1948). “Materialy к mikroflore Verkhney Svanetii” (Materials on the Microflora of Upper Svanetiya (1956).


All religious orders impose irrational rules of good and bad behaviour.


Every Soviet citizen has rights to express his or her opinion, but it should be in accordance with the general interests of the society.