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Linda Meryl Slade Edit Profile

writer , Actress , theater producer

Linda Meryl Slade, American theater producer, actress, writer. Organizer, facilitator Campaign for Save London Theatre, 1998; fundraiser Daily Mail Save the Seal, 1993; president Shakespeare Shoreditch Society, 1994; Member of British Acting Organization, Richmnd Cricket/Tennis Club, British Equity.


Slade, Linda Meryl was born on March 15, 1965 in Bristol, England. United States.2002. Daughter of Gerald and Marjorie Slade.


Bachelor of Education, Cambridge University, 1987. Master of Arts, Central School Speech and Drama, 1992.


Director Limelight Theatre, St. Augustine, Florida, 2003. Producer, actress Moderneyes Theatre Company, London, 2004. Actress Banyan Theatre Company, Sarasota, Florida, 2004.

Voice coach, director Stageworks, Tampa, 2004. Director Royalty Theatre, Clearwater, 2004. Teacher Tutoring Agency, California, 2005.

Producer Moderneyes Theatre Company, 2005. President Moderneyes Theatre Company, Florida, since 2004. Chair ANVIL, London, 1991—1992.

Business manager Theatre Acnon, 1992—1995. President Voice and Communications, since 1994.


  • Other Work

    • Actor: (plays) Beware of Love, 1992. Editor: (plays) Adam & Eve Diaries, 2004. Director: (plays) Miss Julie, 1999, Goodnight 20th Century Goodnight, 1999, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 1999, Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, 2003, Much Ado About Nothing, 2004, (television commercials) Carribean Zoo, 2004, AIDS, 2004.

      Actor: (television films) Trail of Guild, 1999. (films) The Postvard from Abroad, 2002.


The Gospel shows the manner and the necessary work to be done, by which salvation can be achieved. This is human responsibility to innovate, sponsor, and evaluate new forms of community living.


Every Church statement in social or economic field should be seriously considered and demonstrate a competence in political sphere.


All Christians can seek to create a way of life deliberately designed to overcome evil with good and to promote justice for all.


Organizer, facilitator Campaign for Save London Theatre, 1998. Fundraiser Daily Mail Save the Seal, 1993. President Shakespeare Shoreditch Society, 1994.

Member of British Acting Organization, Richmnd Cricket/Tennis Club, British Equity.


  • Other Interests

    Music, sports, scuba diving, travel, politics.


Married Donald Kenneth Land, March 23, 2003.

Gerald Slade

Marjorie Slade

Donald Kenneth Land