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Loray Betty White Edit Profile

executive , Producer , public relations , writer , Actress

Loray Betty White, American television talk show host, writer, television producer, director, vocalist, actress. Recipient Certified of Honor, American Red Cross, 1984, International Organization Soka Gakkai International of Japan, Community Volunteers of America award, 1994, Mother and Daughter of Year Tribune, 2000-2001, 6th International Achievement award L.B.W. and Associate; named Performer of Year Cardella Demillo, 1976-1977.


White, Loray Betty was born on November 27, 1934 in Houston, Texas, United States. Daughter of Harold White and Joyce Mae (Jenkins) Mills.


Student, University of California at Los Angeles extension, 1991. Student, Nichiren Shoshu Academy, 1992. Associate of Arts in Business, Sawyer Business School, 1970.

Study division member department Los Angeles, California Study Group of Japan, 1986.


Editor, entertainment writer Los Angeles Community New, 1970-1981. Executive secretary guest relations National Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles, California Productions, Burbank, California, 1969-1975. Security specialist Xerox X10 Think Tank, Los Angeles, 1975-1980.

Executive assistant Ralph Powell & Associates, 1980-1982. President, owner, producer LBW & Associates Public Relations, since 1980. Owner, producer, writer, host television production company Public Public Relations, since 1987.

Director, producer L.B.W. Production "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Los Angeles, 1981-2005. With Columbia Broadcasting System news department/Bogey's Corner, The Volunteer Brigade Corps, KCBS News, 1999.


  • Other Work

    • Actor: (films) Ten Commandments, 1956. Singer: (films) The Jazz Review, 1960-1965. Headline singer Radio City Music Hall, New York City, 1961, Can Can Cafe Concert in Mexico, 1967-1969, feature singer Hilton Hotel Mexico, featured singer Hotel Maria Isabel, Acapulco, Disneyland, California.

      Singer: television, 1981, (Broadway plays) Joy Ride. Entertainment editor (newspaper) Los Angeles Community News, 1970-1973, writer (column) Balance News, 1980-1982. Talk show host: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, 1981—2005.

      Performer: (commercials including) Budweiser Beer, Old Gold Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes, Cheer, Puffs Tissue, Coca Cola, Bufferin.


Volunteer American Red Cross, 1995, L.B.W. & Associates, Ltd. Annual Production of Mother and Daughter of the Year Tribute, 1999, United Peace and Cultural Exchange Dinner and Awards Show, 1999. Executive producer The Fifth L.B.W. and Associates International Annual Achievement Awards Show, 1999.

The Sixth L.B.W. and Associates International Annual Achievement Awards Show, 2000. Member Habitat for Humanity Internat, National Committee Preserve Society Secretary and Medicare, 1998-1999, National Black Network Association, AARP, Southern California Committee Senior Citizens, re-elect Scott Wildmen Republican campaign. Judge J. Von Shay National Face of Glamor, 2007, J.Von Shay International Top 10 Models, 2007, 09.

Member resident advisory board Burbank Housing Authority, Housing and Urban Development, since 2000, speaker, 2007. Member Committee to Reelect Ted McConkey to Burbank City Council, 1999, 2009. Board director Chamblee Foundation of California, since 1998.

Appointed area coordinator San Fernando Valley area, Myohoji Temple of Nichiren Shoshu, West Hollywood, California, since 2004. Member American Red Cross (planning, marketing, production event committee 1995), University of California at Los Angeles Alumni Association, Lupus Foundation American (Southern California chapter), National Federation Blind, Myohoji-Hokkeko International (United States of America chapter, 2002, attendee Tozon International, participant 750th Anniversary of Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple Taisekiji, Japan, member West Hollywood 40th Anniversary chorus), Library. of Congress Associate (charter).


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: singing, acting, television writing and producing.


Married Sammy Davis Junior, 1957 (divorced 1958). 1 child, Deborah R. DeHart.

Harold White Mills

Joyce Mae (Jenkins) Mills

Sammy Davis Junior

Deborah R. DeHart White