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Lu-yin Liu Edit Profile

government official

Lu-yin Liu was a Chinese Government official.


He was born in Yungfeng, Kiangsi, China in 1894.


Mr. Liu entered Fuhtan University in Shanghai, China in 1913. He also graduated from Fuhtan University in 1917. Then Mr. Liu pursued further studies in philosophy, economics and political science in the University of California in U.S.A., graduating 1921.


Lu-yin Liu assisted in raising funds for Chen Chi-mei in the revolution in Shanghai in 1914 and joined the Kuomintang in 1915.

He was appointed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen as editor-in-chief of the Young China in San Francisco in 1919, chief secretary of Canadian Headquarters of Kuomintang in 1923, secretary to the publicity department of the first Central Executive Committee. When the Northern Punitive Expedition was launched, he identified himself with the Youth Movement.

Then he worked as a professor of English and political science in Shanghai and Fuhtan Universities, then head of Sociology Department of Fuhtan University in 1926, secretary of the Publicity Department of the Central Party Headquarters and concurrently editor-in-chief of the Central Bi-monthly Magazine during the Party "purgation" movement accompanied Hu Han-min, Sun Fo and Wu Chao-chu on their European inspection tour in 1928. On his return he was appointed director of the Compilation and Translation Department of the Legislative Yuan.

In 1929 Lu-yin Liu was elected member of the Central Executive Committee at the Third National Congress of Kuomintang, member of Examination Yuan, and concurrently member and Commissioner of Civil Affairs of the Kiangsi Provincial Government in 1930. After that Mr. Liu was appointed Director of the Publicity Department of the Central Party Headquarters in November 1930, was a member of the Southwest Political Council since 1934, then re-elected member of the Central Executive Committee in November 1935.