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physicist , researcher

Luca Fiorani, Italian physicist, researcher. Recipient Research and Innovation prize, Business Innovation Center Latium, 2005; grantee, France Telecom, 1992; scholar, Venetian Institute of Science, Literature and Arts, 1986, Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988.


Fiorani, Luca was born on April 22, 1965 in Città di Castello, Italy. Son of Ernesto Fiorani and Floriana Alunno.


Degree in physics, University Padua, 1990. Doctor of Philosophy, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1996.


Researcher Italian National Institute Matter Physics, Naples, 1997, Consortium for Research Advanced Remote Sensing Systems, 1997—2000, Italian Agency New Technologies, Energy and Environment, Frascati, 2000—2003, Italian National Research Council, Monterotondo, 2003—2004, Italian Agency New Technologies, Energy and Environment, since 2004. Invited expert Cooperation in Science and Technology - European Cooperation Field Science and Technology Research, 2001—2002, Group on Earth Observations, 2007. Project evaluator The International Association for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union - International Association Promotion Cooperative Scientists New Indiana States of former Soviet Union, 2001—2006.

Adjunct professor laser spectroscopy for environmental diagnostics University Rome Tor Vergata. Adjunct professor laser biomedical applications University Campus Biomedico Rome.


  • Achievements include innovative differential absorption lidar measuring simultaneously gas concentrations and wind velocities. Responsible and promoter of projects supported by Italian and European funding agencies. GEOSCOPE (integrated probe for archaeological prospecting) and GEOLIDAR (laser range-finder for the three-dimensional scan of buried cavities).

    MIPOT Oceanographic Campaign (Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean). Development of double spectral range mobile atmospheric lidar for urban pollution monitoring. Development of lidar fluorosensor for water monitoring.

    Research in comparison between active and passive remote sensing of the oceans. Research in laser diagnostics of cultural heritage. Research in MEDCAPHOT Field Campaign (monitoring of the air quality of Athens, Greece).

    Patents in field.


  • Other Work

    • Member advisory board Journal Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 1999, EcoOne: An Ecology for a United World, 2000, Open Applied Physics Journal, 2007, Open Oceanography Journal, 2007. Contributor scientific papers.


Ernesto Fiorani

Floriana Alunno