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Luis Alberto Bravo-Inclán, Mexican biologist, With a MSc in the National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico. Works in Limnological studies, water quality an pollution assessment in the Mexican Institute of Water Tech (IMTA). Member of North American Lake Management Society.


Bravo-Inclán, Luis Alberto was born on April 21, 1958 in Mexico City, Mexico. Son of Jaime Bravo-Castro (Public Accountant) and Teresa Inclán-Carbajal. Luis is the youngest son, with two sisters (Aurora and Teresa) and one brother (Jaime Antonio).

- Research field: Limnological studies (environmental assessment, water quality and applied Limnology) in lakes, reservoirs and rivers; he also has experience in eutrophication, point and diffuse pollution evaluation, and river classification.


Bachelor in Biology, National Autonomous University Mexico, Mexico City, 1984; Master of Science in Biology, National Autonomous University Mexico, Mexico City, 1995.


Junior researcher, Research Center Control Water Quality, Mexico City, 1986—1991. Senior researcher, Mexican Institute Water Technology, Jiutepec, Mexico, since 1991. Professor of Limnology, Engineering Faculty. National Autónomous University of Mexico, 2004— present.


  • - He attended –as a guest– the IWA Specialist Group on Diffuse Pollution meetings, held in Khon Kaen, Thailand, DIPCON-2008 and Quebec, Canada DIPCON-2010.

    - Contributor, National Congress, Mexican Federation of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Science, Medal for the best technical work, 2000;

    - Grant of the National Water Commission (CNA) for graduate studies, 1991.

    - Biography cited in Who’s Who in the World, 27th Edition, 2010 and Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Technology.


  • Other Work

    • Bravo-Inclán, L., Sánchez-Chávez, J., Tomasini-Ortiz. A. & R.M. Córdova 2009 Lake and reservoir environmental modifications caused by climatic change.

      (International Conference on Water, Environment and Health...)

    • Bravo-Inclán L., Saldaña-Fabela P. & Sánchez-Chávez, J. 2008 Long term eutrophication diagnosis of a high altitude body of water, Zimapan Reservoir, Mexico.

      (Water Science & Technol., 57(11), 1843-1849.)

    • Mijangos-Carro, M., Izurieta, D.J., Gómez, B.A., Hernández, L.R., Huerto, D.R., Sánchez-Chávez J. & L. Bravo-Inclán, 2008 Importance of diffuse pollution control in the Patzcuaro Lake Basin in Mexico.

      (Water Science & Technol. 58(11): 2179-2186.)

    • Bravo-Inclán, L., Saldaña-Fabela, P. y J. Sánchez-Chávez, 2008. Long term eutrophication diagnosis of a high altitude body of water, Zimapan Reservoir, Mexico

      (Water Science & Technol. 57(11): 1843-1849)

    • Lugo, A., Bravo-Inclán, L., Gaytán, M., Oliva, M.G., Alcocer, J., Chávez, M. & G. Vilaclara, 1998 Effect on the planktonic community of the chemical program used to control water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in the Guadalupe Dam, Mexico.

      (Aquat. Ecosys. Health & Manage. 1(3-4): 333-343.)



I am not happy with the kind of goverment we are now (and in the past 40 years) having. I am a though activist against three problems in my country: a) Goverment corruption, specially from the PRI political party; b) Fight against poverty and lack of good high quality education; and c) Against security problems.


Member of North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), United States


  • International Water Association (IWA) , United Kindom

    January 2, 2011


I am the kind of person that first I like to listen, an then, to talk or give my opinion. I like to read a lot. I also like to travel, I had been to Europe, Asia and America. Still more to know and to take a photograph.


  • Other Interests

    Travel, bicycling, reading.


Married Ana Cecilia Tomasini-Ortiz. Children: Mariana Bravo-Tomasini, Adriana Bravo-Tomasini.

Jaime Bravo-Castro - Mexico - Public Accountant

He work as a manager in the historic "Lotería Nacional". He liked to travel a lot. RIP.

Teresa Inclán-Carbajal - Mexico - Literature
Teresa Inclán-Carbajal - mother of Luis Alberto Bravo-Inclán

¡She liked to read a lot! (1-2 books per month). Novels, historic literature, cooking, etc. RIP.

Ana Cecilia Tomasini-Ortiz - Mexico - biologist

With a MSc, and she specializes in waste water - pollution and biology assessment.

Mariana Bravo Tomasini - Mexico - Graphic design

Adriana Bravo Tomasini - Mexico - Literature , student