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Luisa Dias Diogo

former Prime Minister of Mozambique , prime minister of Mozambique

Luisa Dias Diogo, former prime minister of Mozambique. Named one of 100 Most Powerful Women, Forbes magazine, 2005-2007.


Diogo, Luisa Dias was born on April 11, 1958 in Mozambique.


Master in Economics, University London, 1992.


Progressive officer Ministry of Planning and Finance, Mozambique, 1980-1986, head budget department Mozambique, 1986-1989, national director budget Mozambique, 1989-1992. Progressive officer World Bank, Maputo, 1993-1994. Vice minister planning Ministry of Planning and Finance, 1994—2000, minister planning and finance, 2000—2005.

Prime minister Republic of Mozambique, 2004—2010.