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Lynne Cohen Edit Profile

filmmaker , photographer , teacher

Lynne Cohen was known for her photographs of domestic and institutional interior spaces, which have included living rooms, public halls, retirement homes, laboratories, offices, showrooms, shooting ranges, factories, spas, and military installations.


Lynne Cohen was born in 1944 in Racine, Wisconsin, United States.


Cohen attended Slade School of Art of the University College, London (1964-65), and Ox-Bow Summer School of Painting in Saugatuck, Michigan (1964-65), then went on to receive a BS in Fine Arts and Art Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1967). She earned an MA in Fine Art (1968) from Eastern Michigan University, and also studied at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1968).


An instructor at University of Ottawa, Canada (since 1974), Cohen also taught at Algonquin College (1973-75) and at Eastern Michigan University (1968-73).

Cohen won grants from the Canada Council in 1979 (Arts), 1978 (Travel), and 1975 (Project Cost). She received an Ontario Arts Council Special Projects Grant in 1978.

Cohen's photographs are usually devoid of human presence.[3] She photographed using an 8 x 10" view camera, allowing her to capture great detail, and create very large prints. Her work has been published in catalogues such as Occupied Territory (1987) and No Man's Land (2001).


  • PUBLICATIONS Anthologies: The Female Eye, 1975 (Natl. Film Board of Can.: Ottawa); The Photographers' Choice, Kelly Wise, ed., 1975. Periodicals: Photo Communiqué, Sept-Oct 1979; Art Magazine, May/June 1979; review, Penny Cousineau, Arts Canada, Sept 1978; Creative Camera, Apr 1978.