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Maksimilian Maksimilianovich Filonenko

lawyer , politician

Maksimilian Filonenko, USSR Lawyer, politician.


Filonenko, Maksimilian was born in 1880.


Became prominent in the summer of 1917 during the Kerenskii-Kornilov controversy (representing Kerenskii). Emigrated after the fall of the Provisional Government. Became a successful lawyer in Paris.

Defended Plevitskaia during her trial after the kidnapping of General Miller, 1938. After World War II, became an active member of the Society of Soviet Patriots. Probably returned to the USSR.


As long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering.


Communist party could initiate policies in the name of the society because it knows what the best is for its progress and development.