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Manfred Jagiella Edit Profile

business executive

Manfred Jagiella, business executive.


Jagiella, Manfred was born on September 16, 1959 in Landau, Germany. Son of Hubertus Maximilian Theodor Jagiella and Mathilde Cermann.


Diploma-Jng. in Electrical Engineering, University Kaiserlautern, Germany, 1987. Doctor-Jng. in Mechanical Engineering, University Magdeburg, Germany, 2005.


Development manager Weidmüller GmbH (Precitec GmbH), Bad Rotenfels, Germany, 1988—1995. Director of export Schroff GmbH, Straubenhardt, Germany, 1995—1999. Vice president sensors Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany, 1999—2007.

Chief Executive Officer Endress & Hauser Conducta GMBH, Gerlingen, Germany, since 2007.


  • Achievements include patents for measuring device and method for it operational setting. Patents for nozzle for a tool for working material. Patents for nozzle comprising break-off region.

    Patents for sensor system for contactless distance measuring. Patents for method and apparatus for monitoring thermal processing of a workpiece in accordance with a measured capacitance frequency distribution. Patents for position measuring system.

    Patents for inductive Position measuring system. Patents for position measurement system. Patents for inductive Sensor.

    Patents for inductive sensor having a sensor coil in the form of a structured conductive layer. Patents for sensor devices for flashes. Patents for sensor device for burr examination.

    Patents for sensor device for burr inspection. Patents for position measuring system. Patents pending for sensor assembly and functional unit with sensor assembly.

    Patents pending for sensor device for determining the layer thickness of a thin layer. Patents pending for device and method for checking bores in or edges on an object of measurement.


Married Susanne Schullerer, May 11, 1990. Children: Tobias, Andreas, Max Lukas.

Hubertus Maximilian Theodor Jagiella

Mathilde Cermann

Susanne Schullerer

Max Lukas Jagiella

Andreas Jagiella

Tobias Jagiella