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Manlio Tolomeo Edit Profile

Hematologist , Medical researcher

Manlio Tolomeo, Italian hematologist, medical researcher.


Tolomeo, Manlio was born on August 13, 1957 in Palermo, Italy. Son of Arturo Tolomeo and Caterina Misiano.


Maturità Scientifica, Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei, 1972—1976. Degree in Medicine, University, 1977—1984. Specialization in Hematology, Postgraduate School of Hematology, University, 1985—1988.

Specialization in Clinical Oncology, Postgraduate School of Oncology, University, 1988—1992. Doctor of Philosophy, University, 1992—1996.


Assistant of hematology University Hospital, Palermo, Italy, 1984—1992. Chief of the hematology and thalassemia center St Antony Hospital, Trapani, Italy, 1993—1996. Chief and director of reserche of the laboratory of immunology University Hospital, Palermo, since 1996.

Professor University, Ferrara, Italy, since 1999. Quality referee University Hospital, Palermo, Italy, since 2001. Consultant Center for the biological risk in agriculture, Palermo, since 2002.


  • Achievements include patents for multidrug resistant reversing agent for treatment of resistant malignancies. Development of heteroarotinoids for the treatment of cancer. Development of isoxazole arotinoids for the treatment of resistant malignancies.

    Development of resveratrol-derivatives for the treatment of leukemias. Development of retro-retinoids and stilbene derivatives as antiapoptotic agents.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles to over 150 publications.


Married Filomena Bartolotta, April 14, 1967. Children: Irene, Chiara, Francesco.

Arturo Tolomeo

Caterina Misiano

Filomena Bartolotta

Irene Tolomeo

Chiara Tolomeo

Francesco Tolomeo