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Marcel DEBARGE, French Minister Delegate, responsible for Cooperation and Development.


DEBARGE, Marcel was born on September 16, 1929 in Courrieres, Pas-de-Calais, France. Parents: Joseph Debarge and Henriette Debarge (née Chauvin).


Mayor of Pré-Saint-Gervais, since 1977. Member of management committee of Socialist Party, since 1977. Senator for SeineSaint-Denis, 1977.

Assistant to 1st secretary for Business Problems, 1978. National Secretary of Socialist Party, responsible for local communities, 1979-1981. Member of Law Committee.

Secretary of State for Education, responsible for Professional Training, under Mauroy, 1981. Regained seat as Senator, 1981. National Secretary of Socialist Party, responsible for Foreign Relations, 1981-1985, and for Federations and Litigation, since 1985.

Ex-Editor of Bataille Socialiste. Senator for SeineSaint-Denis, since 1986. National Secretary for Socialist Party (elections), since 1988.

Minister Delegate, responsible for Co-operation and Development. Executive. Post and Telecommunications.


Spouse Jacqueline Camenen, 1952. Children: Myriam, Sophie.