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Marcel HENRY


Marcel HENRY, French Senator.


HENRY, Marcel was born on October 30, 1926 in Mayotte, France.


Member of Territorial Assembly of Comoro Islands. Cabinet attaché to Vice-Presidency of the Government of the Comoro Islands, 1957-1959. Minister of State Finance in Government of the Comoro Islands, 1959.

Minister of Agricultural Production in the Government of Comoro Islands, 196162. Member of Economic and Social Council. 1962-1969; manager of Société Mahoraise d’acconage, de représentation et de transit (Smart, Mahor Company of representation, transit and the supply, loading and unloading of cargo ships).

Senator, Union Centriste des Démocrates de Progrès, Mayotte, since 1977. Leader of Popular Movement of Mahor. Member of Commission of Foreign Affairs, Defence and the Armed Forces.

Writer/interpreter in general administration of territory of Comoro Islands in Dzaoudzi, 1945-1961. Employee of Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of the Comoro Islands, 1951-1957.


Spouse Anne-Marie Novou. Children: Jean-Claude, Ghislaine, Arlette, Patrick, Phillippe, Gilbert, Sabine, Jean-Luc.