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Marco PANNELLA, Italian Deputy.


PANNELLA, Marco was born on May 2, 1930 in Teramo.


Degree in Law.


Member National university organisation, Partito Liberale Italiano (Italian Liberal Party), President UGI (University Lay Union), 1952. President UNURI (Nat. Union of University Students), 1953.

Co-promoter of Radical Party (Partito Radicale), 1954. Co-founder of League of the institution of Divorce, and conscientious objection for the dissolution of the Agreement between the fascist régime and the Church. Co-founder of the Centre for legal initiatives Piero Calamandrei.

Co-founder of AIED (association for demographic education). Leading campaigner for reforms of drug laws, electoral laws, giving the right to vote to 18 yearsolds. Civil rights, particularly in Eastern block countries (arrested in Sofia, 1968).

Amongst the first organizers and founders of the Green and Ecological movements in Europe. Active campaigner for the moral integrity of public office, against the public financing of political parties, against party corruption. Promoter, with Radical Party of referenda on all aspects of political and social life, with particular reference to Law and the administration of Justice.

Currently active in non-violent mass campaign for European Union. Has undergone numerous hunger-strikes, in Italy and Europe to obtain new laws for civil and human rights, against world hunger etc. Elected Deputy, Turin-Novara-Vercelli, 1976.

Member Parliamentary Committee on the general direction and supervision of the Radio and television services. President Parly, group. Resigned 1979 to permit Adelaide Aglietta to enter Parliament.

Re-elected Deputy, Naples-Caserta, 1979. Member Committee on Agriculture and Forests. Member Leadership Committee of Parly, group.

Elected to European Parliament, 1979. Secretary Partito Radicale (Radical Party) 1981-1983. Re-elected Deputy, Milan-Pavia, 1983.

Member Committee on Foreign Affairs. Re-elected to European Parliament, 1984. Resigned to permit Emma Bonino to enter European Parliament.

Re-elected Deputy, Palermo-Trapani-Agrigento-Caltanisseta, 1987. Confirmed on the Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs. Member of the European Parliament, since 1989.

Professional journalist. Correspondent for II Giorno, Paris, 1960-1963.