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Marco Maria Branciforte Edit Profile

electronics engineer , researcher

Marco Maria Branciforte, Italian electronics engineer, researcher.


Branciforte, Marco Maria was born on September 12, 1968 in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Son of Francesco Branciforte.


Diploma in electronic engineering, Università degli studi di Catania, 1996.


Research Istituto internazionale di vulcanologia, Catania, 1997—1998. Team leader STMicroelectronics, since 1998. Consultant University Catania, since 1996.


  • Achievements include patents for non-coherent discriminator in chaos-based transmission. Patents for circuit for motion control by fuzzy cellular architecture. Patents for integrated structure of a programmable cellular network for PDEs resolution.

    Patents for system architecture for tridimensional analysis of mechanical pieces surface based on CNNs and stereoscopy. Patents for a system for distances detection in multiuser scenarios based on chaotic carrier generation. Patents for a hardware implementation of a multi-iteration GROVER QUANTUM search algorithm.

    Patents for modular approach of quantum search algorithm. Research in autowaves for motion control. Research in realization of a Reaction-Diffusion Cable News Network algorithm for locomotion control in an Hexapode Robot.

    Research in biologically inspired gait control via cellular neural networks. Research in reaction-diffusion Cable News Network algorithms to generate and control artificial locomotion. Research in reaction-diffusion Cable News Network design for a new class of biologically-inspired processors in artificial locomotion applications.

    Research in realization of an autonomuos Hexapode robot controlled by reaction-diffusion Cable News Network. Research in low cost stereo vision system by using neural networks. Research in others; patents pending for HW architecture system design of quantum algorithm gates for quantum soft computin.


Married Agata Galasso, July 20, 2000. 1 child Daniele.

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Agata Galasso

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