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Maria Vladimirovna Zakharchenko-Schulz

Anti-communist revolutionary

Maria Zakharchenko-Schulz, USSR Anti-communist revolutionary.


Zakharchenko-Schulz, Maria was born on December 9, 1893. Daughter of a landowner.


Educated at the Smolny Institute in Petersburg.


Took part in World War I as a volunteer. In 1917, returned to her native Penza. Organized a group of active opponents of the communist regime.

Took part in the Civil War in the White Armies, evacuated from the Crimea after Wrangel’s defeat. One of the main members of a small WhiteRussian terrorist group organized in the 1920s by General Kutepov. Made several secret trips to the Soviet Union, trying to harass the GPU, but was soon enmeshed in the GPU net Trest masquerading as an underground monarchist organization.