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Maria Rosario MANIERE


Maria Rosario MANIERE, Italian Senator.


MANIERE, Maria Rosario was born on May 30, 1943 in Nardo, Lecce, Italy.


Student activist. Catholic Action. Joined Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party), 1972. Member. Central Committee, Socialist Bureau.

Member of local council, Nardô, since 1975. Member of National Ass. Member of the Senate for Gallipoli-Galatina, since 1987, Secretary of Presidential Council, Senate, member of Committees for Public Education, Culture, Universities, Scientific Research and Sport.

Associate Professor, Moral Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Lecce University.


  • Donna e Capitale, 1977. Bisogni e Politica. Oltre Hegel e oltre Marx, 1984.