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Marian Ladislav FakA

religious studies educator

Marian Ladislav FakA, religious studies educator. Recipient award Consotiatio International Studio Iuris Canonici Promovendo, Rome, 1974, Society for Law of Eastern Churches, Vienna, 1975.


FakA, Marian Ladislav was born on November 25, 1924 in Ostrów, Poznan, Polan. Son of Ladislav and Pelagia (Grzegorowska) FakA.


Diploma magistrale, Catholic University, Lublin, Poland, 1964. Diploma doctorale, Academy Teol Catholic, Varsovie, Poland, 1969. Diploma habilitation, ATK, Varsovie, Poland, 1974.


Dozent Academia TeolCath., Varsovia, 1975, professor, 1982-1997. Dozent Papal Theological Faculty, Poznan, 1975-1997. Leader Catholic Marriage Tribunal, Poznan, 1985-1997.


  • Author: The Diocesian Synod of Poznan in 1642, 1971, The Legal Status of Catholic Church in Great Poznan Principality, 1975, The Question of Primate in the Period 1915-1926, 1977, The Protestant Church in Poland Between 1918 and 1972, 1973.


Ladislav FakA

Pelagia (Grzegorowska) FakA