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Marie JAROSOVA Edit Profile


Marie JAROSOVA, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak Peace Prize, 1967; Lidice 1942 Medal, 1967; For Services in Reconstruction, 1970.


JAROSOVA, Marie was born on February 13, 1920 in Lidice, Czechoslovakia.


Elementary and intermediate school.


Arrested, Lidice, 1942, interned in Ravensbruck concentration camp, 1942-1945. Member, CP SSR, since 1945. Member of Staff, Lidice Village National Committee, 1945-1960, Chairperson, since 1960.

Member, Czechoslovak Committee of Defenders of Peace (CSVOM), 1962-1968. Candidate Member, Executive Council of World Federation of Sponsor Cities, since 1962. Member, Central Auditing Commission of Czechoslovak Union of Youth (CSM), 1963-1968.

Chairperson, Central Committee, Czech Union of Women, since 1969. Candidate Member, World Union of Democratic Women, since 1970. Member, Czech National Council, 1969-1971.

Member, Chamber of Nations of Federal Assembly CSSR, 1971. Member, Central Elections Commission of National Front CSSR, 1971. Deputy, Czech National Council, since 1971.

Member, Presidium, Czech National Council, since 1971, Deputy Chairperson, since 1973. Member, Central Committee, Czechoslovak Union of Fighters Against Fascism (CSSPB), since 1973. Member, Presidium, Central Committee, National Front CSR, since 1974.

Chairperson, National Minorities Committee of Czech National Council, since 1977. Deputy Chairperson, Czechoslovak Society for International Relations and Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, 1977. Candidate Member, CP CSSR Central Committee, since 1981, full Member, since 1986.