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member , Revolutionary

Marie RUZICKOVA, Member of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement.


RUZICKOVA, Marie was born on October 13, 1923 in Homosin, Czechoslovakia.


Intermediate school.


Chairperson, Works Council, Rico Works, Most, 1948-1952. Member, Most District Trade Union Council, 1949-1952. Member, Executive Committee, Usti and Labem Trade Union Council, 1949-1957.

Chairperson, Usti and labem District Committee Trade Union of Textile and Leather Industry Workers, 1952-1956. Member of Staff, Usti and Labem District Committee, CP CSSR, 1957-1960. Member of Staff, North Bohemian Regional Committee, CP CSSR, 1960-1965.

Chairperson, Combined Works Committee, CP CSSR, Bozena Nemecova Works, Teplice-Sanov, 1960-1965. Member, North Bohemian Regional Committee, CP CSSR, 1960-1964, Member, Executive Committee, 1962-1964. Member, Central Control and Auditing Commission, CP CSSR, since 1962.

Member, Central Commission for People's Control and Statistics, 1963-1967. Member, Commission for Living Standards, Central Committee CP CSSR, 1963-1968. Chairperson, TU Commission of Central Commission of Central Committee of TU of Workers in Knitware Industry, Pisek, 1965-1969.

Member, Presidium, Central Committee, TU of Consumer Goods Industry, 1966-1968. Member, Bureau Central Control and Auditing Commission, CP CSSR, for Control and Auditing Work in Bohemia, 1968-1971. Secretary and Member of Secretariat, Executive Committee and Plenum, Czech Trade Union Council, (CROS), 1970-1972.

Co-opted Member, Plenum of Central Council of CSSR Revolutionary Trade Union Movement (ROH), 1970. Member, Plenum and Secretary, Secretariat of Czech Trade Union Council, (COR), since 1972. Member, Presidium Czech Union of Women, since 1974.

Member, Central Control and Auditing Commission of CP CSSR, since 1981. Presidium Member, Czech Council of Revolutionary Trade Unions, since 1982. Member, Central Committee, Revolutionary Trade Union Movement, since 1982.

Professional career: farm worker. Worker in textile factory, Prague and Most.