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Mario CAMPAGNOLI, Italian Senator.


CAMPAGNOLI, Mario was born on June 10, 1935 in Casteggio, Pavia, Italy.


Degree in Veterinary Medecine.


President, Direct Cultivators Federation, Pavia. National Councillor Christian Democrats. Pres, of Provincial Administration, Pavia, 1965-1968.

Regional Councillor, Lombardy, 1970-1976. Regional Assessor for Agriculture, 1970-1975. Assessor for Industry, Commerce, Crafts from 1975-1976.

Deputy, Parliament, Milan-Pavia, 1976. Re-elected Deputy, 1979. Under Secretary for Labour in the 2nd Cossiga government.

Under Secretary for Agriculture and Forests in Forlani government. Reconfirmed Undersecretary for Agriculture and Forests in the 1st and 2nd Spadolini government and in the 5th Fanfani government. Reelected Deputy, 1983.

Pres, of Committee on Agriculture and Forests. Reelected Deputy, 1987. Confirmed Pres, of the Committee on Agriculture.

Lecturer, Milan University.