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Mariya Sofronovna DEMCHENKO


Mariya DEMCHENKO, USSR Agronomist, Vasilev Kolkhoz, Kiev Oblast; initiated “five-hundred” movement. Order of Lenin.


DEMCHENKO, Mariya was born in 1912 in village Starosel, now Kiev Oblast.


Graduated Kiev Agriculture Institute.


Since 1931 concrete worker in construction of Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine. 1935 team leader, “Koraintern" Kolkhoz, Ukrainia. 1935 promised Stalin at 2nd All-Union Congress of Kolkhoz Shock-Workers to raise per-bectare sugar beet yield to at least 500 Soviet centners (average yield 100 Soviet centners).

523.7 Soviet centners were harvested per hectare under conditions which she specified and supervised. A socialist competion named the “five-hundred movement” ensued.